checklist birds of colombia

This checklist includes all species and statuses for the Colombian checklist as of December 2014.  Later splits, taxonomic papers and records and descriptions are not treated but some are mentioned in the notes.
Notes on range, subspecies and Proaves reserves have been eliminated from this online version to ensure that only current information is included.  This other data can take a long time to compile and verify.  See McMullan & Donegan 2014 for maps of all subspecies in Colombia and Salaman et al. 2010 for other data.
An exhaustive comparison of IOC English names has not been attempted.  This is difficult electronically because of differences in hyphenation and capitalisation protocols.
The relatively "progressive" nature of IOC for splits and relatively proactive nature of AOU-SACC for taxonomy above species level is self-evident from the notes.  To date, we have followed AOU-SACC generally and have considered all, and adopted some, additional IOC splits.  We are now considering adopting BirdLife taxonomy for non-passerines and the Howard & Moore 4 higher level taxonomy instead.
For notes on status, we have only referred to species where one of the checklist update papers in Conservacion Colombiana since 2008 comments on the status of the species, or where AOU-SACC or IOC take a different approach.
For notes on splits, we only refer to instances where there is a difference between any of this list, IOC or AOU-SACC and do not refer to widely accepted papers, even if recently published.  For notes on papers and differing treatments of taxonomy generally, the footnotes on the AOU-SACC website can be a useful starting point.
References to Donegan et al. papers are generally to the checklist updates published annually in Conservacion Colombiana since 2009; and to Salaman et al. 2008 are to the appendices to the checklist.
For other references see the references section in such checklist update papers or the AOU-SACC reference list.
Authors: Thomas Donegan, Juan Carlos Verhelst, Paul Salaman, Oswaldo Cortes, David Caro, Alonso Quevedo.  We thank Miles McMullan, Andrea Pacheco and others who have co-authored or contributed to our checklist update papers in Conservacion Colombiana for their support and assistance; and the contributions of the IOC and AOU-SACC lists whose outputs influence the contents of this product.
Version 4.0, 17 April 2015.  (v1: Salaman et al. 2001; v2 Salaman et al. 2008; v3 Salaman et al. 2009; v4 Salaman et al. 2010).

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