Birding in Colombia

COLOMBIA is the  country with the biggest amount of Birds species in the World. With more than 1900 species wich 90 are endemics and more than 100 near endemics, We hope to watch Birds with you

A magical birding avisting on the SANTANDER region in Colombia that include  Natura Biological Reserven. The amazing bird groups such as the perfect habitat to about 400 species. You will be visit our ecosystem VIROLIN  SANTUARIO DE FLORA AND FAUNA in where you will see amazing species to increase your Hit-List ! The Cachalu Biological Reserve with more as 225 species of Birds
As The beautiful, moustached brushfinch,  odontophorus Strophium, Coeligena Prunellei, The habia Aburri, Emerad toucanet, green Jay, montane woodcreeper, andean guan,  golden-fronted redstar, ortalis columbiana, momotus momota and more.

… The Andes Mountains of Colombia contain all of the country's major cities and half of its rural population. At the same time, the rugged Andes are home to a wealth of biodiversity, including many species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on Earth. Because of the variety of altitudes on the mountain slopes, the area includes many different ecosystems: high-altitude paramo, mountain forests, dry tropical forest and lowland rainforest. However, due to the demands of a growing population, the Andes' ecosystems have deteriorated, and many flora and fauna species are threatened or endangered.

In 1984, the Nature Foundation, a local conservation group, began doing biological research in the Andes and working with local residents to preserve the forests. The group's efforts resulted in the creation of the Cachalú Biological Reserve -- 1,800 acres of forest mainly comprised of majestic, ancient oak trees (Quercus humboldtii). From a biologist's point of view, the reserve is ideally located on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains. The oak forests protect some 225 species of birds and 70 species of mammals, including the endangered spectacled bear, the only bear found in Latin America. Other amazing wildlife includes the nine-banded armadillo, the beautiful cock of the rock bird, and the leaf-cutter ant. It's is a small but vital reserve, and the Nature Foundation is working to add more acres of forest to Cachalú.

Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Guanentá

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